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Beard Trends 2018 – Modern Beards With Adilla

Adilla Beard Trends

Our beard trends in 2018 are providing modern men with modern beards. The unkempt beard is a thing of the past with our barbers being well equipped in facial hair grooming skills. Whether you need to sharpen the 5 o’clock shadow, make the 3-day growth look presentable or sculpt a longer beard, we can make it happen. All types can still be highly refined and maintained with great detail and care to give you the edge over the average joe.

Beard Trends 2018 Adilla Barbers

Adilla barbers have created a menu in which we can provide you with the highest quality expected as a minimum standard.

How To Stop an Itchy Beard

Have you ever avoided growing a beard due to ‘itchiness’?.. Our Bearded Deluxe service offers a beard trim and shape, along with a top of the line dry skin treatment that softens the beard and soothes the face removing all the dry, flaky skin that has been trapped amongst the coarse, wiry hair.

This is followed by an application of v76 hair tonic and beard oil, containing safflower oil and saw palmetto which promotes health for skin and hair whilst smoothing roughness, preventing dryness and soothing the skin. Including a relaxing hot towel face wrap which has been soaked with calming essential oils to allow you to truly unwind and let the products soak in.

V76 Scalp Treatment - Adilla Barbers

The Adilla Beard Experts

You’ll be looking and feeling a million times more refreshed and renewed after this treatment and have a whole new mindset on managing your masculine beard. Whether it’s the stubble look or a full face, make sure yours is looked after with the high-quality service and grooming products that all men deserve to own. Try the Bearded Deluxe yourself to see what the hype is all about.Need a matching look for the women in your life, check out PoniMe Ponytail Extensions.


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