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Grooms Party Adilla Package

For the biggest day of your life, you can’t look anything less than excellent. We are offering up our beautiful barbershop too the groom’s party. With our straight razor shaves, haircuts & styling, the groom and his party will be shining for the main event and photo shoots. In fact, we welcome your photographer to take some snaps of you whilst you get ready, our barbershop is currently shortlisted for best salon design Australia wide.

We’re great at tying bowties and we won’t forget the whiskey, beers and music.

Beard Trends 2018 Adilla Barbers

Barber Groom Package

Adilla Wedding Package 

As found in our experiences and recommendation, we suggest coming in a few days before the wedding for the main haircuts. This gives the hairstyles a few days to “sit in” and look more natural rather than being freshly done which tends to cause the hair to be unruly, going against the way it’s been cut. All options below can be tailored to your needs.

Hair Cut Day (3-4 Days Prior)

– Haircuts for grooms party
– Exclusive use of the barbershop whilst they are there
– Music of their choosing
– Refreshments (beers, whisky, water)
– Product pack containing key items for them leading up to, and on, the wedding day
– Moisturiser
– Tonic spray
– Facial cleanser
– 4 in 1

Morning of The Wedding

– Hot Towel Shaves or beard trims
– Express Facial for all groomsmen
– Touchup and Styling
– Refreshments (beers, whisky, water)
– Music of your choosing
– Exclusive use of the barbershop for the agreed time
– Feel free to bring your photographer, our barber has been shortlisted for best salon design Australia wide

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Good Doggo’s welcome 🙂

Grooms Party Adilla Babers