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Taper Haircut – The Perfect Winter Haircut

Tapered Haircut Adilla Barbers

Coming into winter gives us the desire to keep our hair longer and avoid having a cut. This is fine however we run into problems where are hair becomes too bulky around the ears and tends to turn into a mullet at the back. And usually, it becomes too untidy to be presentable for jobs and meetings.

What does a taper haircut mean?

At Adilla Barbers we can offer the in-between look where you don’t have to go so short as you would in summer, allowing the sides to be brushed back and keep a flowing look. The key here is adding a taper which shortens the length in the sideburn area and the back of the neck (also known as the nape). Having a strong taper allows for a nice controlled length through the hairstyle with clean and professional edges.

Tapered Haircut Adilla Barbers

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The tapered look has flooded the UK where the temperature is cooler and this style is a must to still look fashionable and groomed whilst dealing with the weather complications. In Australia the need for a taper is very high especially through the winter period, however, it hasn’t been as known about. We want our clients to begin trends and be ahead of the rest.

Tapered Haircut Grey Adilla Barbers

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We feel that growing out this style mixes up the boredom of having the same haircut all year round, allowing you to progress your look into the perfect winter haircut that you can still maintain to look sharp even with the extra length.

If you’ve never had a taper before and you’re interested in being a part of this trend, ask us about it next time you have an appointment here at Adilla Barbers and we would be happy to explain it further and even create this look for you! We have a great selection of refreshments such as whiskey, beer and water from our friends at Novo water coolers. We are a popular Barbershop for nearby suburbs such as Bondi Junction.

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