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Hair Cuts

Specialising in short hair, our team have fully mastered the fade and every other type barbering style.

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Beard Shape/Trim

Having your barber consult you on maintenance before working with the shape of your face is key to giving your beard that well-groomed appearance it deserves.

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Men’s facials, express facials and treatments all available. Walk out a new man, refreshed and clear headed.

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Invite a Friend

Invite a friend and you’ll both receive a complimentary express facial receive while enjoying a delicious whisky or beer. Trust us, game changer 🙂

Why Us


As the brother barbers to the, already infamous, Adilla colab hair salon in Double Bay, Adilla Barbers is the new kid on block offering something completely different. Director, Frankie has put together a modern spin on the craft of barbering to offer you a memorable experience.


Located in one of Sydney’s most premier suburbs, enlisting an architectural design team was a must. Our brand ethos goes against ‘old school’ barbering. We wanted to create a safe space for men. A place where they can feel comfortable, hang out and feel at home. We do not want to tell men that their haircut experience has to be justified by being ‘old school’ or that they have to go to a woman’s’ salon for a great haircut from a hairdresser. We have designed the space for the modern man. A man that needs no justification to get a great haircut, a beer or whisky, an express facial or a treatment on their beard or even a colour. If you’re in the area and searched for a barber near me, then you’re in the right place.



PARKING STATIONS in Double Bay are located on Cross Street, The Intercontinental is $4 for an whereas Woolworths and street parking will be FREE. Our street address is Shop 3, Cross Street as we are located on the corner of Goldman Lane and Knox Lane next to our sister business ADILLAcolab hair salon. If you are familiar with Double Bay this means we are situated in the outdoor arcades opposite Indigo Cafe. (If all else fails, try to Google map “Adilla colab” or “Adilla barbers” which will direct you to Goldman Lane).


Today I had a wonderful hair experience. I had my haircut by Dan who is very smiley & chatty. I sipped a single malt while enjoying the full experience. I would highly recommend here.


Simply amazing - haven't had a single malt that tasty in years. Just so happened to get a fantastic haircut while I was there as well. Great experience - can't remember ever being in a barbers that I didn't want to leave after 10 minutes


A great haircut and a whiskey while it’s being done! What more could a guy want? Very happy will continue to go here!! :)


A few of our favourite things
Our products are hand curated by our barbers and we revisit our selection every few months. Each product has been tried and tested over time and is carefully selected by them for the services that we do in the shop and based on our clients needs.
These boys LOVE product so if you have any questions or want to pick up a gift for someone, pop by and they will help you out ✔️💈👊🏻
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We are very booked up in advance just a few spots left
Phones are busy but book online ✔️✔️
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We are open until CHRISTMAS EVE 4PM so make your appts now 👌🏻
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